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I can't see it because of regional cloud cover but maybe you can.
Meteor Shower by Web5teR

This link will take you to an article that will help you.
There will even be a live link to the Slooh cameras tomorrow:eager:…

Meteor Shower by KinnisonArc

This is the clear sky chart if you want to look for good spots
to view from.

For the best chances it's good to have a clear view of the Eastern horizon.
If you're in North America. Elsewhere? I dunno, sorry.

Check here for help in your region.

Hobo Cosmology by kylelatino

Table of Astronomy by Bnspyrd

Rhino fighter by RyanOttley
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I think this would be more appropriate for a realistic vampire movie.
Underworld is all sexy and modern but why would pre-industrial revolution
immortals bother with following the times?

Tales of the Vampires by Jo-Chen

And people complain about GTA not having anything good in it!

GTA? by A-New-Power

I just hope that guy knew he was crap going into this production.:rofl:

Killer Santa by AGNakamura

8 Claws by red-anteater   Amphiptere 3 by red-anteater

Gorkey.psd by antz81  Commission - Deus by WhiteFoxCub………

Maps on this one…

When the views are over the Pacific it's crazy.
It's nothing but water and clouds, really really cool.
if you're lucky, you'll be over the Pacific with no clouds
and you can see the sun's reflection on the ocean.:eager:

Planetearth anime scenary by aventhepencilkiller
It's pouring and there is a little bit of hail mixed in. It's like some jerk is
throwing pebbles at my windows.:shakefist:

New videos on me profile page.:w00t:

Because there isn't enough stupid.…

The human species would be best served if the people who create
these stupid conspiracies were all sterilized and denied adoption rights.
They're so tired. It's always NASA, like NASA is the world's largest
most evil organization in the history of history with dirty tendrils in all
aspects of human civilization. Jerks.

big ol rolly polly by VCR-WOLFE I'm Proud Of Tim by Alexhouletank96
 Cannibal Accident by korintic
Very cool audio from 300 million miles away.

"European Space Agency officials have used their Rosetta spacecraft to listen to a sound emitted by Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. The comet song capture by Rosetta is produced by "oscillations in the magnetic field in the comet's environment," ESA officials said in a statement."…

The Philae (fee-LAY) lander is scheduled to touch down on Comet
67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko on November 12, 2014 at 10:35 a.m.
EST (15:35 UTC). We on Earth – 300 million miles (500 million km)
away – won’t know the lander has set down successfully until a
signal is received back at about 11:02 a.m. EST (16:02 UTC).
Both NASA and ESA will provide live online coverage of this
first-ever attempted landing on a comet.…

The Messenger by MightyMoose

Commission: Space Chick by JoshuaCovey
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Did you see the Cartoon Network mini series Over the Garden Wall?
It's probably on their website if you haven't seen it and do not
have OnDemand.
It's actually very cool (considering CN) and I was surprised.

Awkwafina by taneel

Climate is Changing by h4nd

"It's like Harry Potter for people who thought Harry Potter had too
much science in it" :rofl:

Sea Maiden by e-c-h  dubstep by DJMUTANT  I am the best at Dubstep by CommonDusty

(Spoilers) Over the Garden Wall by sharkie19
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Halloween Sights by darkest-eyes


Pumpkin of doom by vazy204

ohnoes pumpkin by ohnoesplz

halloween by LaMerry
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This is too funny. I totally approve.

Spongebob Squarepants by GaryStorkamp

I like the top-down view of the game but I do not like the basic selling
point which is 'go murder errbody'.
Games do not make people murderers but at some point a little bit of
restraint should be considered.…

Columbine by Fradga

Skull Doodles by loveandasandwich
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Two more weeks until the first snow of the season falls!:party:
Maybe even sooner if we're lucky.

You better pet the Coati!

X23 Desktop by Omar-Dogan

This dude preached on public access television for five years. Five years!
Now he does You Tubes from his phone every now and then.
"Say it with me bitches!" :rofl:

Space Wizard by corndoggy

How not to handle a hazardous weapon.

Josh-singh-trundle-concept by DevindraLeonis

I had to watch the video twice because the first time I only watched
her boobs and didn't hear anything.:meow:
She would be good for various anime making sounds like that.

Ebola by PriestofTerror

At least one person is trying to use YT to promote intelligence.:iconarrowupplz:

Too many idiots and retards have no clue what's going on and instead of
research Ebola through legitimate medical sites and international aid
organizations they get their info from conspiracy sites, sensationalists, and
unsourced articles full of bullshit.

Then you have nitwits like :iconstephenl: and :icontrystl: on DA spend
all their time on conspiracy sites getting worked up and then blabbering
about nonsense in the forums. #Morons

Illuminati by ExoesqueletoDV

This guy lacks any intelligence at all. :iconarrowdownplz:

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I'm going away for a few days starting tomorrow.:mwahaha:

I'm going to the Poconos.
I'll be deep in the woods where there is no cell coverage and
no interwebs. No gas. No sewage. No paved roads. Just
several thousand square miles of forest.

The same area that police have been hunting a nutjob cop killer
for two weeks now. Fun times!
My place is literally 6 miles from the initial search area with nothing
but forest between where I will be and that spot.

Have to winterize the cabin before it's too late.
It's already flirting with freezing temps and in the next few weeks
the first snow will fall. Hopefully no white trash crazy retard is
in the cabin. That would suck.…

Oh yeah DA has hashtags now. Completely useless.

patito by betteo
4 new videos and a poll on the profile page:eager:

Been busy the last few days, haven't been on much.
Will change that in a couple days:salute:

Is Hong Kong having it's own "Arab Spring"?
It's interesting to see how that plays out.
The Chinese government is notoriously harsh when
it comes to dissent.

I like the Pierces, I think they're very talented.

I'll pee on everything you love by Kibbitzer

squids invaders party by madewithsadness
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A woman called the police in Arkansas reporting a dead tiger on
a sidewalk.
She told police she took pictures from a distance but was too
scared to get close.

Police arrived and took the stuffed tiger back to the station.:bucktooth:…

This is why you do not have a threesome with a homeless person!……

Be Nice to the Mailman by roberlan

Sunburst by Elentori

starfall by Apofiss  BMO Lost by happysadliife

-Carpathian ceremony- by Janek-Sedlar
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He found the girl he abused on DA and has a person accessing his
account on his behalf saying "he can't wait go return to DA".
That's pretty sick.
What's worse are the people openly waiting for his return.
He's apparently appealing his sentence.
Oh yeah, big surprise, I'm blocked by the account sitter:P

Pedophiles are also apparently very highly likely to repeat offend.
The recidivism rate for once-caught pedophiles was 12.7% according
to one site. So he's jumping right back into the pool with numerous
unsuspecting girls exposed to him and his apologists.

To offset the disgusting news I have included two really cool
animated shorts.

Cool art!
Visit their galleries:eager:

undercover cover by royalboiler     Fan art work - card back by cheo36

Let me become nothing by Vvlad-vVolfen

Cyberpunk Concepts - 5 by GrainGnome  Curier by I-GUYJIN-I

Cyberpunk Concepts - 3 by GrainGnome   Quilling: The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh by MarieAvril
FREE requests!I'll be taking up free requests!
Want a request?
Just post what character(s) you want drawn and hope you get picked!
Only up to 2 character please!
What I won't draw:
 I will not take commissions involving porn, nudity or anything of a high sexual nature.
-I am uncomfortable with the idea of it and I will not draw it for your pleasure.

-If you would like to know my limit of a sexual nature please leave a comment or note me
-I will NOT draw animals in ANY sort of sexual nature. I refuse to do so, as I find it weird and uncomfortable. I will only discuss humans for sexual nature. Asking me about animals will be a straight "no" in reply
- No hate art

There are different types of request and each has limited slots, look below to see what I am offering
Manga FULL
1. poechie - human Leafy
2. FelixFox1991 - 
  Free Requests *Closed*Hi there! Thanks for visiting my page! :hug: As you see in the title, requests from me are closed at the moment, while I am finishing up on the rest of the requests :) I will re-open them soon!
I find that the more I draw for others, I learn new techniques to add to my drawing style.. I also think it's great to have practice with requests too, so eventually when I start commissioning, the drawings would be worth your money, or I would hope so! :)
Thank you so much for your time,
There are others not on the list, I will add them tomorrow *going to sleep :)
4. for xYellowBurnx 
5. for ShadowKovu 
6. for Omgh2o 
7. for CrazzyCupcake 
There are quite a few others that are not listed above for their requests. But you will be mentioned once I finish up these 7 above! :) 
Thank you for your patience! :heart:

Three hostages turned out to be meth heads hallucinating.

The idiots freaked out firing off weapons and throwing items at their
attackers. The female in the group claimed to have been stabbed
and the knife blade was still lodged in her body.
It turns out she had scratched herself. No knife wounds.:P

"Numerous windows were shot out and holes were shot in the walls.
They completely removed a large rear window from the house on the
second floor and threw the bathroom sink at the imaginary attackers.
Chunks of sheetrock, wood, firearm parts, and anything they could tear
out of the residence was thrown outside including the toilet, which was
ripped from the floor. In total, more than $10,000 damage was done
to the residence. "

The all too funny (and sad) story.…

Meth head Finn from Adventure time by TimLiljefors

It's funny when the deer try to look for the cat under the car.

Deer by TentacleEyes

This should replace the ice bucket challenge.

Windshield Wipers by FramedByNature

oct10 by celor  Johnny Topside by KurkoBoltsi

all around the sea by agnes-cecile  Cyborg warrior by DavidSequeira

The Last of Us by tiger1313

 IMG 9234-web by warhammerphoto
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You are the Dancing Queen, young and sweet, only s by rizusaur

"The accidental shooting death of a firing-range instructor by a 9-year-old girl with
an Uzi has set off a powerful debate over youngsters and guns, with many people
wondering what sort of parents would let a child handle a submachine gun. "

Article link:…

There wasn't any issue with the girl firing the gun with the weapon set to
single shot. She could handle it. There is no controversy.

The unfortunate issue is the instructor immediately moved her up to
an automatic/or a burst setting. The recoil was way too much for an
inexperienced shooter and the results were tragic.

The issue isn't and shouldn't be that a 9 year old got to fire off a weapon.
The issue should be about the safety standards and procedures employed
when children who are not trained in the use of firearms have the chance
to discharge a weapon.

It's unfortunate. A military veteran is dead and a little girl has to live
the rest of her life knowing she shot a man in the face at point blank range.

The only winners are the nutjobs who think the solution is to take
everything away from everyone.

Infected - Zombie RPG artwork #1 by stayinwonderland

Mallory by Endling

Stuffed animal abuse alert!

If you notice, she gets hit so hard by a stuffed bear the bruise
shows up on the other side of her face:bucktooth:

The angry banana is awesome.

Monitor by Endling

Madoka Magica: Kyoko by nargyle  Marsh Predator by GorosArt

The Winter Soldier by SpencerPlatt  concept art by MrLeeCarter  Wonderfully Terrible WIP by Hostiled
New videos and poll on the profile page:eager:

Freaky story
I know it's old and I remember it vaguely, but the details...
oh wow. It's a crazy story. Very unfortunate, but weird.…

Would you jump on a small single seat helicopter thing?
Watch how high this thing gets!
It's essentially a chair that flies.

Clerks REPLICIDE by Boris-Dyatlov  Zombie Tramp by vest

tabitha bewere by toxiccandie

Whiteout by UzukiNoKaze
Three deviants are doing 100 free requests each.
Pay them a visit.

:iconcelestrai: and :iconporrie14: are doing 100 free requests each.
Details here 100 Requests Challenge! (66 Spots OPEN)I saw PK-Alice doing this so I wanted to jump in too!~
+ One request per person
+ You have to give me a theme please, it can be anything as broad as romance or freedom or happiness, or anything as specific as, say, tea or a fancy restaurant, themes can be repeated~
+ Can include up to three characters
+ I'm HORRIBLE at drawing animals but I'll try my best to
+ I accept all pairings no matter the genders/sexes of the individuals pictured
+ I'm allowed to draw them however I want when it comes to style, or artistic medium, I'm trying to find my level so this is an exercise for me and I can't draw everyone a fully painted watercolor portrait (some people will get one of course)
+ I'm bad at drawing blood/gore so that's up in the air for how good it'll be but it is allowed, however nudity or explicitly sexual things will not be drawn, however I may accept mildly suggestive situations, or 'sexy' looking/scantily dressed characters.
+ Requests will only be accepted if all rules and c
and here 100 Requests ChallengeI've been seeing this around, so I wanted to try it out too. I'm taking mostly artsy-classes this semester so a challenge like this will be fantastic practice. There will be a little bit of everything -- anime, realistic, etc. If you have a preference, let me know! 
Rules!! (PLEASE READ!!!)
~ One request per person
~ I need a theme (anything from Romance to Horror to Medieval Fantasy HINT HINT WINK WINK)
       THERE WILL BE SOME PIECES WITH MATURE SUBJECT MATTER; IF YOU WISH TO OPT OUT, PLEASE SAY SO (this includes no             nudity or sex scenes, so don't worry about that)
~ Can include up to three characters
~ I accept all pairings no matter the genders/sexes of the individuals pictured
~ I'm allowed to draw them however I want when it comes to style, or artistic medium, I'm trying to find my level so this is an            exercise for me and I can't draw

:iconpk-alice: already filled up her 100 list.

This is the last day to get involved with the Shark Week Sketch Jam!
:iconsharkweeksketchjam: founded by :iconpolarkeet:

Shark week 2014 - colored by tea-tiger

Greatwhite 2014 by feeves  Shark Jam 2014- #7 Blue Shark by nekonotaishou

SW 2014 Blue Shark by ALA1N-J  Shark Repellent by MK01
Shark Rex by heckthor  Great White by Vertiris

Shark Isle by SourShade